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Chair love – Husk

Husk Armchair by Patricia Urquiola designed for B&B Italia, is a swivel based, multi soft cushioned chair on a moulded shell which seems to fit into any decor from modern to classic. When you see the chair it draws you in to want to sit on it. It is available in a choice if colours.

Patricia Urquiola is a Spanish born architect living and working in Milan. She studied both in Madrid and Milan and graduated in 1989.

She was mentored by some of Italy’s master designers such as Achille Castiglioni and Vincent Magistretti.

She opened her own studio in Milan in 2001 and has since earned and been awarded numerous awards and some of her pieces are displayed in various museums. Her Fjord armchair us part of the permanent display at MOMA in New York.

Besides her furniture, tiles and bathroom product designs, the Mandarin Hotel in Barcelona and Four Seasons Hotel, Milan, Italy are some of her many architectural projects.

She has collaborated with such well known and design oriented companies such as Agape, Alessi, B&B Italia, Kartell, Louis Vuitton, and Rosenthal to name but a few.

She has just has been named art director of Cassina.

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Moody Blue …..

Blue is one of the 3 primary colours on the colour wheel.

Blue is the colour of trust, loyalty and stability.

It is a very calming and cool colour and is often used in rooms when a sense of serenity and relaxation is required such a loungeroom or a bedroom.

Because blue is a cool colour it is used in warm or hot rooms.

Blue is seldom used in dining areas as it is said to decrease one’s appetite.

Be inspired by my mood board BLUE.

Montage of blue
Blue Montage

RED Is for ….

Red is one of the three primary colours on the colour wheel.

This colour evokes passion, energy and action.

In interiors red is used where stimulation is required such as in a dining room. It is used in smaller amounts when one wants a focal point or to draw the eye as in a painting or occasional chair.

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15 ways to light my fire

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room to dream

Last week summer left us abruptly as winter arrived with a vengeance.  Out came the scarves, the coats and electric blankets as we faced the whirling winds, the torrential rain and the heavy hail.

In this type of weather there is nothing more attractive and as welcome in the home as a fireplace. Sitting and watching the dancing flames not only takes the chill out of the air but is relaxing as well as adding atmosphere to the room.

Fireplaces have had a resurgence as many use gas or ethanol thereby eliminating the fuss and the mess of a wood fire.  They are not only practical but also very decorative and can be rather architectural.

There are many different styles, ranging from the traditional with a formal mantlepiece, to a contempory, sleek look with the fireplace and entertainment unit being intergrated,  to the modern free-standing and portable.

I have found some fabulous examples for you to be inspired.

Which style takes your fancy?


Fireplace, marble, mantlepiece, interiors, interior design, livingroom
elegant marble fireplace
One fireplace - two rooms
one fireplace – two rooms
Fireplace, traditional, loungeroom, living room, formal living, gas
traditional and symmetrical
fireplace, modern, mantlepiece, gas, fire, interior, decor, interior design
modern fireplace with thick square mantle
Fireplace, loungeroom, livingroom, sittingroom, winter, warm
dancing flames are so relaxing
fireplace,, white, sophisticated, lounge, loungeroom, beautiful view, modern
low line fireplace in the middle of the room
French style
French style
Fireplace, classic design, interiors, interior design, interior decor, zebra skin, black and white decor
Fireplace, living room, lounge room, winter, logs, warmth, gas fire, white
log storage forms visual impact
Fireplace, mantlepiece, focalpoint, blac, zebra print, animal print, traditional
black painted mantlepiece creates a focal point
Fireplace, ethanol, round, black, sculptural, mobile
sculptural and effective, mobile ethanol round fireplaces
Interior design, fireplace, wall divider, lounge room, dining room
heartwarming wall divider
Fireplace, tv, display, bookshelves, loungeroom, interior, interior design
wall of fireplace and tv flanked by display shelving
fireplace, freestanding, loungeroom, interior design, interior decor, home decor, loungeroom
freestanding carrera marble fireplace
Fireplace, bedroom, bathroom, warmth, winter, interiors, interior design, decor
fireplace between bathroom and bedroom

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Spot the leopard – an exotic print for interiors

Leopard print is so perennial. It never seems to date and it is always in style. It evokes a sense of glamour and exoticness. It is one of my most favourite prints and I’m always drawn to it – must be the Africa in me!

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 5.54.47 pm

In the past animal skins were used by kings and people of nobility as a symbol of wealth and high status. These days, it is mostly faux fur or textiles but the glamour is still there.  Not only is animal print worn but it is used extensively in interior decor and design.

The following are some examples of how leopard skin can be incorporated into your home