Looking at my city through tourist eyes

Obelisk depicting the distance from this point to various places

It’s a funny thing how most of us choose to go to other cities and other countries and tour about and look and see and photograph all that catches our eye and yet we don’t do the same in the place in which we live.

Of course I have photographed and shared on my social media pages and with my friends and family the view of the Sydney harbour bridge, the opera house and Bondi beach to name a few of the most photographed sights in Sydney.

Last weekend I was in the city with a friend casually strolling around and enjoying the lovely autumn weather.

Of course when you are not rushing about, one notices and sees things through different eyes and that is how I became a tourist.

I am by no means a good photographer but I think that generally I have a good “eye” and I find that with a camera I tend to look at things differently.

Some tips that I have learnedĀ along the way is that one should firstly “Look” and secondly “Look Up” and thirdly “Notice” and not in that order necessarily.

We have some magnificent architecture that could rival anywhere in the world!

So look up, look and notice the interesting detailing on our own buildings.


skyscraper modern buildings in Sydney Australia
Modern Skyscape
Classical architecture government buildings in Sydney Australia
Classical Greek Influenced Architecture
Classical building in Sydney  Australia
Classical Detail
Decorative facacade to art deco building in Sydney city Australia
Art Deco Influence
Classical green door in building in Sydney Australia
Green Door
Doors and gates
Intricate iron gate



Modern buildings tower over the classical
Juxtaposition of of modern and classical




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