Footloose and fancy feet


Have you noticed how everyone is taking a picture of their shoes? And not only their shoes, but shoes that are on something beautiful or interesting such as tiles or fabrics.

I have been fascinated by this and I have just discovered that this phenomena has a name!

Cleverly it is called “Selfeet” which is the new selfie and it’s not gender biased either. Both men and women are very busily photographing their usually shod feet on some gorgeous and interesting base and happily sharing their finds.

Most often there is some sort of matching of the shoe and the object below the feet.  For example black and white shoes on black and white mosaic tiles.

I laugh to think how many photo’s I have cropped to get my feet out of the way or have had the camera at odd angles to avoid my shoes spoiling the pattern of the tiles!

I personally am not into selfies but I kind of like the selfeet craze.

Besides being a shoe addict – now come on who isn’t? – I like the idea of people photographing gorgeous tiles, mosaics and even nature.

Below are some examples of “Selfeets”


Blue Mosaic
Leopard on Pink
Geometric Green
Moroccan Beauty
Modern Whimsy
Classic mosaic
Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 10.15.58 pm
Yellow on Zebra
Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 10.06.43 pm
Pastel Metal
Green and White
Silk and Silver
Pattern and Pattern
Federation Influence
Federation Square
Morrocan Blue
Black and White
Orange Fandango
Carpet Cowboy
Modern Mosaic
Black and White and Black and White
Daisy Chain
Floral Motif



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